The Beginning

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The days when pre-packaged taco shells stuffed with ground beef and iceberg lettuce passed for Mexican food are, happily, over.

The range of Mexican and other Latin-flavored restaurants popping up all over the south highlights the complexities of a cuisine that is about so much more than just rice and a pot of refried beans. One such place, Tele’s, is located in Rhonesboro. Hospitality and friendly charm along with wonderful authentic Mexican cuisine is what you will find at this family owned eatery. One of the areas little known favorites, specializing in both sizzling and blackened fajitas, seafood, and other Mexican specialties opened four months ago and is quickly becoming a favorite of the locals.

Telesforo (Tele) and Nora Peralta, owners, have three children: Christina, 15; Perla, 9; and Alan 8. The family recently relocated from Richardson, near Dallas. Tele Peralta fell in love with East Texas and knew he wanted to move here after a visit in 1987. People thought he was crazy and his wife and family were scared at first according to Peralta. “… but I put my trust in God first, my trust in my ability to cook Tele's Store Front second and made the move.” The talented chef has a career that spans over 20 years in the culinary industry. He has worked with his cousin for the past eight years at Dos Charros in Richardson. The Peralta’s goals are to become a growing part of their community, to provide and serve their customers a dining Tele's Store Front experience that is family oriented, and to help their employees grow and be able to provide them the same life with which the Lord has blessed them. Peralta is hoping to expand his business into the Pittsburgh or White Oak area in the near future. He comes from a long line of family cooks and hopes to move his brother who has been a chef with OJedas in Dallas for the past 25 years to the East Texas area. Tele’s Mexican Restaurant, located on Hwy 154 in Rhonesboro, formerly Knox’s Kitchen – provides a clean, smoke free atmosphere for your dining pleasure.

- The Big Sandy and Hawkins Journal

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